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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Stainless Steel Wire Rope?

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Stainless Steel Wire Rope?

Issue Time:2022/03/12
 the issues that need to be paid attention to in the use of stainless steel wire ropes

With the continuous development of industrial technology, people have more and more requirements for industrial products, especially in some special industries. The characteristics of high brightness, corrosion resistance, and long service life of stainless steel wire rope make it gradually replace ordinary carbon steel wire rope and become an indispensable material in industrial production. Then, in the process of using stainless steel wire rope, the following matters need our special attention.
It is strictly forbidden to directly use the new stainless steel wire rope under high speed and heavy load

The new stainless steel wire rope should not be used immediately under high speed and heavy load conditions but should be run under low speed and medium load conditions for a period of time so that the new wire rope can adapt to the use state first, and then the speed of the wire rope can be gradually increased to lift the load. That is, wire ropes must go through an initial break-in stage before high-speed, heavy-duty work.

It is strictly forbidden for the wire rope to jump out of the wheel groove

When using stainless steel wire ropes and pulleys, care must be taken to prevent the wire ropes from jumping out of the pulley grooves. If the wire rope is still used after it is removed from the wheel groove, the wire rope will be deformed, kinked, broken wires, and broken strands. This will seriously shorten the service life of the wire rope. If the rope breaks, it usually has very serious consequences.

Severe shock and vibration are strictly prohibited

When using stainless steel wire ropes, shock loads can occur if the operating speed changes rapidly. Although it may only be loaded instantly, there is a great security risk in the lack. When the impact load exceeds the allowable working stress of the wire rope, impact damage will occur. Even if the shock load does not necessarily cause the rope to break, multiple impacts can severely shorten the service life of the rope. For ropes that have been in use for a while, the impact resistance will be reduced compared to new ropes due to the poor elasticity.

It is strictly forbidden to squeeze and deform the wire rope

The stainless steel wire rope cannot be strongly squeezed during use, so as to avoid deformation of the wire rope, resulting in structural damage, early wire breakage (at this time, a martensitic brittle layer structure will appear on the surface of the wire), broken strands, and even broken ropes, which significantly reduces the wire rope. service life, endangering work safety.

When the stainless steel wire rope is running at high speed, it is forbidden to rub against other objects

The stainless steel wire rope should avoid friction with other objects outside the non-matching wheel groove when running at high speed. Because at high speeds, the instantaneous frictional heat generated when the wire rope and these objects move against each other may cause martensitic structures on the wire surface. Although this structural change cannot be discerned with the naked eye, it is the main cause of early wire breakage.

It is forbidden to tangle the stainless steel wire rope randomly

When wound on the reel, the wire ropes should be arranged as neatly as possible. If it is scattered and twisted, it will cause the wire rope structure to be destroyed due to mutual extrusion during operation, resulting in early wire breakage, which directly affects the service life of the wire rope.

Overload use of stainless steel wire rope is strictly prohibited

If the stainless steel wire rope is overloaded, it will rapidly increase the degree of extrusion deformation, and the degree of wear between the inner steel wire and the outer steel wire and the matching wheel groove will seriously damage its work safety and shorten the service life of the pulley.

Strictly control the running speed

The lower the operating speed, the less damage to the stainless steel wire rope. As the running speed increases, the damage of the stainless steel wire rope increases accordingly. Therefore, rapid changes in speed, sudden and violent loads, and violent braking should be avoided during operation, which can reduce the damage to the wire rope. The service life of a wire rope is much longer than when working under maximum load at moderate operating speeds and at moderate loads at high speeds.

If you want to know more about stainless steel wire rope after reading the above, please continue to pay attention to our news.

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