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Common Wire Rope Accessories You Need to Know

Common Wire Rope Accessories You Need to Know

Issue Time:2022/09/13
Wire Rope Accessories
A wire rope is a sturdy, flexible cable made of metal wires twisted together. Steel is a commonly used material for wire ropes. Other substances may also be present to enhance its properties. Wire rope accessories, tools, and attachments improve rope performance and sometimes make up for deficiencies.

Wire rope ends tend to fray and are difficult to connect to equipment. Wire rope fittings or wire rope ends are used to secure the ends of wire ropes and prevent fraying. There are many different types, sizes, and finishes of wire rope accessories for most types of rope. Some of the more common types of wire rope accessories are detailed below.

Sleeves wire rope sleeves are used in wire rope assemblies to prevent the wire rope eye from being pinched and reduce wear on the rope itself. When the end of the wire rope assembly is fitted with an eyelet, insert a thimble to form the eyelet before securing the rope in the ferrule or wire rope clamp.

The wire rope clamp is used to clamp the loose end of the wire rope and loop it back to form an eye. Wire rope assemblies typically require at least three wire rope clamps, depending on the application of the wire rope and properly securing the ends.

Wire rope ferrule

Wire rope ferrules are used to terminate wire rope ends. The oval sleeve is crushed around the wire rope to form an eye or a plug at the end of the wire rope assembly. This can be done with hand tools or a hydraulic press. Hand ferrules are only recommended for smaller-diameter wire ropes.

Turnbuckles/rigging screws

These are wire rope accessories that attach to wire rope assemblies and can be used to adjust the tension of the wire rope. Turnbuckles usually consist of two eyebolts, one at each end of the metal frame. The tension of the wire rope can then be adjusted by rotating the frame.

Wire rope socket

Use a hydraulic press to permanently attach the wire rope receptacle to the end of the wire rope. These can be used in place of thimbles, wire rope handles or ferrules. Please don't try this at home, it requires specialized tools and knowledge to install them to wire ropes.

Wedge socket

Wedge sockets are fittings used to temporarily terminate wire rope ends. They can be installed and removed quickly and easily.

Wire rope socks/cable socks

Slightly different from other accessories, these accessories can be used to pull wire rope over a distance and through machinery and pulleys. Wire rope socks are available in a variety of sizes and types. 

In conclusion

Stainless steel wire rope fittings can be used in highly corrosive environments, such as the ocean or with chemicals, as stainless steel tends to be more resistant to such environments. If you need to buy or customize wire rope or wire rope accessories, welcome to contact us.

Terada Hardware is a professional custom wire ropes and accessories manufacturer. We offer a full range of hardware. Our accessories are widely used in shading structures, tensile structures, fabric stretching, wire railings, railing systems, railing systems, marine, lifting, and other industries.
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