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What Are a Wire Rope Clamp and Its Types?

What Are a Wire Rope Clamp and Its Types?

Issue Time:2022/09/22
A wire rope clamp is an extremely versatile mechanical device that can be used to help support and move objects or loads. Whether for cranes or other lifting applications, it is important to have a solid understanding of the rigging components used to connect and lift loads.

As a manufacturer of wire ropes and accessories, I would like to share with you various types of wire rope terminations. In this article, you can learn what a wire rope clamp is and the types of wire rope clamps.

What is a wire rope clamp?

Wire rope clamps can be used to form load-bearing loops at the ends of cables or wire ropes, or to connect two cables together with a lap joint. Wire rope clamps are popular because they can be installed in the field and provide 80-90% rope breaking strength efficiency depending on the diameter of the wire rope.

Examples of situations where wire rope clips can be used include:

Wire rope ends on crane cables or winches

A length of rope passed through a ring bolt or shackle

Peripheral cables for docks, parking lots, etc.

Types of wire rope clamps

There are two main types of wire rope clamps - U-bolt and double saddle clamps. U-bolt wire rope clamps are the most common and may be made of forged or malleable metal.

U-bolt rope clamp

This wire rope clamp is essentially a U-bolt, two nuts, and a metal base (saddle) and can be made of forged or cast iron. Careful consideration and attention must be paid to the way in which the U-bolt-type rope clamps are installed.

Forged wire rope clamp

The base of the wire rope clamp is made of forged steel. The forging jig is heated and hammered into the desired shape - resulting in a consistent grain structure in the steel. Forged wire rope clamps are used for critical heavy overhead loads such as winch lines, crane slings, support lines, pull ropes, pull lines, lanyards, scaffolding and more.

Malleable wire rope clamp

Malleable wire rope clamps are only used to make eyelet terminal assemblies using the correct conventional torque wire rope and are only used for lighter applications where small loads are applied, such as handrails, fences, guard rails, etc. The base of the wire rope clamp is made of malleable cast iron, which can break under heavy use and does not have the ideal metallic properties of steel or the beneficial grain structure that a forged base has.

Double saddle rope clip

The double saddle rope clamp consists of two saddles and two nuts, each with a leg and two nuts - one on the top and one on the bottom. Dual Saddle Rope Clamps can be used in either orientation, so they take the guesswork out of installation when applied to both the live and dead ends of the rope.

The above briefly introduce what wire rope clips are and the types of wire rope clips. If you want to buy wire rope or wire rope accessories, please contact us.

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