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Cable Railing

Here we will bring you some excellent cable railing design schemes for your reference and study, and attach our cable railing hardware used in this design. Provide you with more design and decoration concepts. We will also provide some pictures of the design and installation of the project, which come from customers who trust and support us, and are easy to reference for customers in the construction of the project. For engineering construction customers, we provide corresponding certificates and documents for free so that you can better participate in project bidding. Some samples can also be provided to everyone for free, so that you can check our quality and better plan your own design schemes.

Tensile Structure

Tensile structure is mainly used for shading and iconic design. We can cooperate with designers to provide the most reasonable combination and design of tensile hardware. And provide some hardware parameters to facilitate the design more stable and firm. TERADA mainly wants to create hardware suitable for engineering companies, so that each project design is more reasonable, beautiful and durable. We support multiple production modes of OEM and ODM, allowing customers to have more choices.

Living Green Wall

Green Wall is a confident gardening design, filling a beautiful landscape in order to create a beautiful city. Our hardware can be suitable for various occasions. Whether it is hard mountain stone or concrete cement, we can provide various hardware products to meet different green wall designs. At Terada Hardware, there are only hardware accessories that you can't think of. There is nothing we can't do. We make products with our heart and serve customers with professionalism.

Glass Railings

Glass railing is a popular choice for modern decoration. Create the art of architecture through the combination of different glasses. Glass railing is also used in the decoration of luxury swimming pools. Our products are all mirror-finished, which can be more convenient to clean. Stainless steel 316 material avoids the embarrassment of rust. Here we will show some glass railing designs, which use our popular glass railing hardware. Through the combination of scenes and hardware, let you better understand Terada.

Yacht Deck

We have all kinds of yacht accessories. All accessories are made of marine grade 316, and each product is polished and polished by hand, which can better prevent corrosion. The yacht accessories we display are all popular products. You can purchase products that are approved by customers after they are used. At the same time, it also provides some case references for your yacht upgrade, so that you can better understand the latest decoration style and the latest products.
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